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Making sure you have access to quality information, advice and guidance are central to our philosophy and we are committed to treating every learner as an individual. We want to help you achieve your goals and to have a clear plan going forward. Having access to good information is especially important at three key points:

Stage 1 – Before you start training

To make sure the course is right for you, we will invite you to attend an awareness session where you can meet the tutor and have your questions answered.

Stage 2 – During your training

To help you maintain your pace and momentum, we will regularly review your training and talk to you about your future career development. We will also discuss your training options.

Stage 3 – At the end of the training

This will help you consider your progression and further opportunities for learning and employment. At this point, some courses include a work experience placement for which help and support will be provided.

We will not simply abandon you after your course has ended. We hope you will want to keep in touch and we will tell you about any enhanced training in your subject or career development.

Since 2015 we have been awarded Matrix accreditation, check out for more details.

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