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Greatest Expectations Ltd offers personalised training to meet your needs.

At Greatest Expectations we recognise that the ‘one size fits all’ solution does not work, and as a result we will work with organisations and individuals to ensure learning is not only relevant but bespoke.

Often there can be a number of complex issues which leads an individual to need support in making changes in their lives. We believe providing one-to-one client support when creating individual learning plans and progression routeways. It’s essential in order to ensure we fully understand all of the issues affecting each individual.

We work with the client to develop a tailored support package to help them progress towards their goals whilst managing their expectations. Our ethos is focused around treating each client with respect and involving them fully in the design of their support package. 

We offer a whole range of support packages tailored to the abilities of our learners process, whether it be the first steps to gain employment or they are targeting return to work.

Greatest Expectations objectives are:

  • The promotion of education and employment.
  • The alleviation of poverty.
  • The promotion of community.
  • The promotion of health and wellbeing – physical and mental.
  • The promotion of financial inclusion.

Greatest Expectations offers a range of training, including:

  • ICT training.
  • CV writing assistance.
  • Interview techniques.
  • Striving to offer learners the chance to gain skills to move them with increasing their outlook and confidence in the labour market.

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