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Greatest Expectations Training Pathways

At Greatest Expectations we work with the client to develop a tailored support package to help them progress towardsjob_interview_questions_success_med their goals whilst managing their expectations. Our ethos is focused around treating each client with respect and involving them fully in the design of their support package. 

We offer whole range of support packages for the varying levels of abilities our learners possess, whether it be the first steps to gain employment or return to work. We can offer:

Pathway to Employment

This is a focused 3 day course which covers everything you need to know about jobs and the local labour market and equips you with the skills and knowledge required to find employment.

Foundations for Work

This pathway gives you the employment ‘soft skills’ required to form working relationships with your colleagues in work such as confidence building and Equality and Diversity

Building Capability

This pathway focuses more on the actual sector based skills where accredited qualifications are required such as Health and Social Care, Retail, Hospitality and Catering etc.



selling-handshake-686pxWe offer a number of employer based pathways which leads to jobs with local employers whether you see that as your long term career or a short term solution to gaining experience within the workplace before progressing to higher paid employment either within or outside of the company you are employed in.



Specialist Support Pathways

We work with all learners irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances and have particular strength in working with the many groups.



UK Online Computer Training

More and more of today’s life is based around technology and computers. Our reputation for the  delivery of the basic IT skills through our long association with UK Online means we can help everyone access Information and Technology. However we don’t stop there.

We have a range of IT courses to help build your knowledge and capability to allow you to progress to greater opportunities in work and life.



English Tuition

We facilitate various English language course depending on your level of spoken and written English for those which English is a second language.



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Workplace Learning

Whether you are looking to become an apprentice or whether you want to gain additional skills whilst in paid employment workplace learning is the pathway for you. We can help you gain skills and accredited qualifications which will help secure your employment or open up new opportunities for you.

The sector based skills secured under workplace learning are secured with additional Maths and English skills to Level 2.


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Additional Training and Employment 

We can help anyone with careers or learning advice and guidance our team of tutors and assessors are passionate about their roles and will guide you to make the best informed decisions o your chosen career path.

We offer a range of support services ourselves but we also have an extensive referral network for those clients who feel they would benefit from additional specialist support, so even if you do not see the help and support you need still contact us, we can help, and together we can make a difference.


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